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Magtech Magnetic Applied Tools -- Born to Solve Customers’ Issues in Manufacturing Procedures

2018-08-27  |  Class : 五金、零組件、螺絲半年刊雜誌

by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Magtech Magnetic Products Corp. established in 1992, engaged in magnetic industrial field over 26 years. In the beginning it was specialized in manufacturing ferrite magnets, and with years of experience in magnets, Magtech’s products have been gradually extended to cover more items, such as permanent magnets, magnetic applied tools, magnetic holders, magnetic rollers, magnetic bars, magnetic plates, etc. and it also has developed various excellently performing, eco-friendly and energy saving magnets and applied tools as per customer’s demand. In Taiwan, Magtech is definitely one of the representative brands in the development of relevant magnetic products!

Multi-functions: Magtech Magnetic Applied Tools Recognized by Users in the Market
 Magtech develops a diverse range of magnetic applied tools, which include magnetic holders, hooks, bars, plates (made with high strength magnets and ferrite magnets put into iron or copper cases) or magnetic separators assembled by various parts. The former are mainly used in door catches, sleeves, hand tools, magnetic fasteners, magnetic control devices, magnetic levitation and so on, while the latter are mainly used to filter or eliminate iron scraps.

Magtech President Philip Chen said, “Taking the magnetic holders widely used in the industry for example, the magnet is assembled within the iron case, so when it is used in practical application, the magnetic holding capability will be boosted, thus creating very powerful attachment and fixation. On the other hand, our magnetic separators are widely used in food processing, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and water filtering industries as well, which demonstrate excellent and highly effective filtration and elimination of very tiny iron powder. With these products, our customers can not only improve the purity of their products, but can also increase the prices and gain higher profit margin.”

President Chen added, “Our magnetic applied tools are mainly sold and exported to Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and many other Asian countries and have been widely recognized by leading hardware manufacturers in several countries. Taking JMS (one of our customers in Japan) for example, it bought magnetic holders from us for their mold processing and required high magnetic force, low magnetic leakage and accurate tolerance. After it used our products in its manufacturing procedures, issues like magnetic leakage, getting rusty and many others were all solved. Another good example is a leading manufacturer in the hardware industry- YLMH. This customer used our magnetic rollers to deal with the issue of mix-ups of impurities and elevate the competitive edge of its products. In addition, we also established 3 liaison offices in Japan, Mumbai (India) and Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2016, in order to service the growing customer base and provide customers from the hardware industry in need of magnetic tools with real-time and more complete service.”   

Diversified Customer Service and New Product Development Project is Officially Launched
The team of Magtech offers a complete range of product R&D, after-sale, OEM and technical support service. It not only obtained the certification of ISO-9001:2015 last year, but also has been certified by TÜV Rheinland, not to mention other significant patents it has received for its various magnetic products.  

In terms of the demand in the hardware market, President Chen is also very pleased to announce two product R&D projects. One is magnetic gears (used to replace existing chain-type transmission with magnetic poles) and the other is maglev vehicles (used to replace existing spring design). He added that the marketing strategy of Magtech in the future will be focused on overseas sale and hope to increase the percentage of export to over 80%. He also said that the company will dedicate to the R&D and manufacture of high-performance magnetic materials, and extending the range of its magnetic applied tools, so that can strengthen the company reputation in the industry.


Magtech contact: Ms. Vivi Tsai & Ms. Rosalin Chou of Exporting Dept. 

Email: service@magtech.com.tw

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