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Pakistan’s Exclusive High Quality Tools Source -- FASNNA IMPEX

2018-09-17  |  Class : FW

by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

FASNNA is a group of companies manufacturing hand tools such as Screwdrivers, Hacksaw Blades, pliers and Re-Packing of Adhesives (Super Glue). It is now the one and only manufacturer of hand tools in Pakistan. In 1980, the company was founded and produced its first screwdriver. Later on it expanded its business by adding more product lines.


The forerunner of FASNNA was Shafique Sons founded in the late 70’s producing screwdrivers under the brand name “Golden Eagle”. This brand was created by the founder Muhammad Shafique, who was born an orphan and migrated to Pakistan from India. Driven by his humble origin, he started a charity organization to provide free health and medical facilities to the poor and needy. In the 80’s the second generation took over and continued the founder’s charity work in education, disaster relief and so on, while adding new product lines to the business and starting export to various countries. Last year, the third generation took part in the family business with a blueprint to incorporate digitalization and realize corporate expansion, while still continuing FASNNA’s legacy of charity and social welfare.


FASNNA as a Self-Branded Maker & Tool Distributor

The company has a network of suppliers to market and distribute their own brands; GOLDEN EAGLE ®, SUPERCUT ®, ROHA ® and FASTIK ®. With a production facility spanning 2,700 square meters of area, the company has a manufacturing capacity of 1 million pieces of tools per year, targeting sales to the domestic market, the Middle East and Europe. To fulfill the industry’s demand for customized tools, the company also serves as an industrial supplier distributing products for different manufacturers.


Currently, the company services a wide selection of world-renowned automotive and motor vehicle clients including TOYOTA, HONDA, SUZUKI and YAMAHA. It is in collaboration with Pakistan Hardware Merchant’s Association and Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Quality Tools at Competitive Prices

When asked about the strengths of the company in our interview with Director Mr. Naveed Ahmad, he said: “Our strength is our Quality. Global customer likes quality tools at reasonable prices and FASNNA is covering both purchase factors.” Moreover, FASNNA has an added value that adds up to its strengths, and that is its entrance to the E-commerce industry by introducing the first online retail store called “ToolDub” in Pakistan dedicated to the hardware and tool industry. The store available for the whole world will allow for supplying a comprehensive range of tool products at competitive prices.


Increasing Access to Global Clients Through Exhibitions

In the past couple of years, FASNNA exhibited at several international shows including Pakistan International Trade Fair and International Rawal Expo. The Director told Fastener World Magazine that the company will exhibit at more shows in upcoming trade fairs, and that FASNNA always expects brand awareness and recognition gained from trade fairs. Looking ahead, the Director said FASNNA is always open to new investors, importers and joint ventures.


FASNNA’s contact: Director Mr. Naveed Ahmad   E-mail: fasnna@gmail.com

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