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King Century Group Co., Ltd. - Developing New High-Performance Construction Bolts

2019-03-18  |  Class : FW

by Nai-Wen Chang, Fastener World

King Century continues to push itself in technical innovation. Not only does it develops products as per client’s requests, but it also self-develops hollow wall anchor bolts. The products are manufactured from continuous stamping through 25 processes into a one-piece construction. In 2003, the company became the first in Asia Pacific to mass produce cold forged parts. In the same year the company set up a cold forging center to develop multi-station production of anchor bolts, and started to work with American, European and Russian brands to provide service of processing anchor bolts and high-end expansion bolts. Since then, the company developed 4-die-4-blow and 6-die-6-blow cold forging. King Century’s expansion bolts are certified by B&Q (ScrewFix UK) and favored by British DIY enthusiasts. Furthermore, King Century helped a French client manufacture a new ETA-compliant product. As a result, the company made its way into the German refurbishment market and made a stunning presence in the EU market.

Super High-Performance Products Sweeping the American & European Markets
King Century’s high-load M27M22 10.9-grade anchor bolts were selected by Europe for high-speed rail anchoring. Additionally, its high-performance CNC-machined anchor bolts were selected by Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore for building constructions and made King Century awarded as the best supplier. These anchor bolts went through anti-corrosion surface treatment to have high quality acclaimed by users in the bay area. They provide anchoring for concrete with/without cracks, anchoring for indoor/outdoor/high-corrosion environments, and for special requirements on anti-vibration. They can be surface treated to have quality-approved high anti-corrosion for use with building and bridge constructions. Their available sizes are M6x40 to M24x300 and 1/4x1-3/4 to 1-1/4x12, and their available materials are SS304 and SS316 steels.
King Century has many types and sizes of construction products. The high-performance hammer-drive anchors are all metal and suitable for HPC. Available in SS304 and SS316 steels, they are easy to install and come with the following sizes: M6x45 to M20x200 and 1/4x1-3/4 to 3/4x8. Other unique products, such as concrete anchor bolts, high-load anchor bolts, elevator anchor bolts, chemical bolts, high-load undercut anchor bolts, and embedded parts. Currently the products are sold worldwide through Stanley Black & Decker Inc. (Powers Fasteners), Illinois Tool Works, Inc. and other major companies.

Construction Structural Safety Monitored with Traceability System & TQM
“Our products have stable and reliable quality. For a long time we have received continuous OEM orders from clients. Our offer of premium safety is represented by our best cost-performance ratio, high-performance products, professional R&D staff, the best anchoring solutions and diversified functions, as well as premium load-bearing capacity during installation.” said Jeffery Chang, General Manager. Every batch of products strictly complies with ICCES and ETA quality traceability system and follows TQM. All King Century products have AIG Product Liability Insurance and a maximal insurance claim of NTD 1 million.

Continuous R&D in Cutting-edge Construction Fasteners
King Century knows the world trade is in increasing demand for specialization and international standards compliance, so it set up a base in Ningbo of China for manufacture of high-end expansion bolts. The base manufactures 15,000,000 pieces of all kinds of mechanical anchors per month. King Century’s craftsmanship propels its development in construction anchors and its sustainable partnership with clients. The construction industry is developing new and diverse engineering methods for fasteners from large construction anchor bolts to DIY fasteners. Therefore, the market is demanding more construction hardware and its design is facing bigger challenges. Developing high-end anchor bolts according to clients’ requests is the target of King Century as a professional OEM company.

King Century contact: Jeffery Chang, General Manager
Email: jeffrey@king-century.net



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