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Designated Brand in National Projects - Sucoot Co., Ltd.

2019-03-18  |  Class : FW

by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World

The scaffolds are required in construction projects but usually received little attention as they are removed when the gleaming buildings or gigantic structures completed. Actually, we have good scaffolds in Taiwan that Sucoot Co., Ltd. has introduced the Ring System from Europe and had it modified to adapt with site conditions of Taiwan where earthquakes and typhoons happen from time to time and thus a more robust scaffold system is developed.
As quick and labor-saving fastening is always favored on-site, Sucoot then adopted “Wedge” to achieve for the purpose. Moreover, for easy assembly by different crews, Sucoot also designed a fool-proof device favored by users who appreciate its good quality scaffolds, quick and easy to assemble, and higher safety obtained compared to traditional scaffolds.

The No. 1 Scaffolds Supplier in Taiwan, Once a Forged Fasteners Manufacturer
The key point in assembling scaffolds fast, simple and safe lies on forged fasteners. If one wants to enhance the load capacity of scaffolds, the manufacturing procedures are critical. Starting its business with fasteners for scaffolds, Sucoot recruited many talented people with the professional background of civil engineering, structural engineering, metallurgy and mechanic in its Taiwan HQ and the forging plant in China. Those people with various expertise in the company help to improve product quality and further extend the company’s field from standard units selling into more diversified services thus transforming Sucoot from a parts supplier to a designer & manufacturer of advanced scaffold systems, and now evolved as a total scaffolds and formwork solutions provider and has set up two branches in Thailand and Indonesia, both fledglings to meet multiplying market demands. 
Sucoot’s products are used in almost all big civil projects in Taiwan, such as highways, High Speed Rail, Kaohsiung MRT & Taipei MRT, a Mega Hydro Cracking Complex, and Taipei Big Dome. Even the stage build-up for the most popular band Mayday’s bustling concert, and Ang Lee’s movie scenes in “Life of Pi”, further proofing Sucoot System’s versatility and reliability in meeting myriad requirement outside typical construction.
Sucoot’s scaffold systems have been sold to 60+ countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Europe, USA, and South America, as its products are considered the byword of quality and safety under the ceaseless effort of Succot team to improve the efficiency and increase ease of use for customers so as to help them reduce working time and save labor cost.

Saving 90% Labor Force and THSR Engineering Office Award for High Efficiency
With years of collaboration with several engineering companies, Chairman Shih demonstrates advantages of Sucoot’s products of efficiency and mechanization. Sucoot was once a company which only offered scaffolds for sales and rental, but now it also offers scaffolds construction, making it a B2C rather than a B2B service provider to customers. He added, “Take the airport MRT for example, it originally required around 70 workers, but thanks to mechanization and efficiency Sucoot offered, then it only required 7 technicians plus regular machines to complete the construction of 300 bridge spans (in a total length of 10.2 KM) within 30 months, meeting contract schedule, specified quality and safety requirement. For all this achievement, Sucoot was awarded by THSR Engineering Office, making it the only one scaffold company in Taiwan to win this honor.

Guaranteed Safety / Products are Offered with Warranty
Now as a global renowned company, Sucoot not only is accredited to ISO9001, but also the first Taiwanese scaffold company accredited to EN12810-1 from the EU and ANSI-10.8 from the USA. Moreover, Sucoot is also accredited to an Australian certification and extended its product range to a complete set System Formwork. It also provided special formwork and scaffold systems for the construction of access roads to Houli Flora Expo, finished on time.
That workers fall down from work sites, scaffold collapse and formwork crumbling are major causes of fatalities in the construction industry. With his concern about public safety, Chairman Shih always does best to enhance scaffolds and formwork safety. He said, “Our systems are assembled with machines and special tools, it means precise control. The well-guided and systematic assembly, movement, positioning and disassembly help us to achieve less and efficient use of labor force and a safer working environment. We cherish the life of everyone and care for their wellbeing. We concern about environmental protection and conservationist, for this that all of our products are hot-dip galvanized and feature more than 10 years of durability, thus increasing the repetitive use of products.” Sucoot is indeed a successful company strictly committed to its social responsibility.

Contact: Alicia Lin      Email: Alicia@sucoot.com



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