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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary- HARITON MACHINERY Fills Your Used & New Machinery Demand from Every Corner Around the World
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     Similar to many other successful business giants launching their business in their own garage, Hariton Machinery’s success story can be traced back to the fastener equipment brokering business in the founders’ basement started in 1970. Over a long span of 50 years of dedication to the fastener machinery sector, Hariton Machinery, currently housed in a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse located in Bridgeport, CT, and having sales reps in many countries, has nowadays turned into a reliable partner considered by its customers who are interested in selling or buying their used and new machines from around the world.
Combined Support, Knowledge, and Experience
     Many machine sellers and buyers sometimes feel frustrated to turn their surplus machines into cash or find suppliers that both fit their limited budgets and strength their competences. However, if they come to Hariton Machinery, they will always find it easy to get their demand fully satisfied, as Hariton Machinery is worldly known for its team having up to 50 years of experience and offering combined support and professional knowledge of fastener equipment. “We don’t claim to have every piece of equipment available, but as a result of our deep and worldwide relationships, if the equipment is available for sale, we will find it for you. We have certified appraisers on staff proving fair evaluations of customers’ assets. In addition to buying available surplus, we can sell your equipment by way of liquidation or auction,” said Vice President Alan Hariton.            
An Attractive Choice for N. American Buyers/Sellers and Prospects Around the World
     The capabilities of Hariton Machinery have helped it win the privilege to represent many worldly leading machinery builders (e.g. Sacma, Ingramatic, HS ASPE, Tecno Impianti, Jerhen Industries, Shimazu, etc.). In addition to buying new machines and selling used machines, Hariton Machinery can also offer older machines to customers around the world that can’t afford to buy the “latest and greatest” but that still want and need to upgrade their facilities, a “one-two punch” most of Hariton Machinery’s competitors aren’t able to provide. Hariton Machinery also has a spacious warehouse located in Pennsylvania for customers with space constraints to temporarily accommodate their machines not yet ready to be taken possession (only charged at competitive rates), thus greatly saving their ownership cost or the space of buyers to place newly bought machines with more capacity or in a faster changeover.
Easy-to-Navigate Online Matchmaking System
     The team of Hariton Machinery acknowledges the demand of customers differs, so they have created the online matchmaking system where buyers around the world can find machine models they feel interested in by just a few clicks. “Some customers prefer older machines, some prefer newer machines. Some customers might be looking for a machine that has many different options and capabilities, while some might need a machine for just one specific feature. When they contact us with a machinery request, we will do our best to find them exactly what they are looking for,” said Alan.
30 Days MDNA Privilege and Financing Counselling 
     Being a senior member of Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), Hariton Machinery offers every piece of equipment shipped from Hariton Machinery’s inventory the return privilege, stating “within 30 days from shipment any machinery and equipment sold with return privilege, freight prepaid, can be returned for refund of the purchase price if proven mechanically unsatisfactory, alternatively the machinery can be repaired at the dealer’s option.” “We believe this policy gives customers comfort that we stand behind the machine, even when something arises that neither party was aware of,” said Alan. On the other hand, Hariton Machinery also serves as more of a gateway for two financing institutions working closely with the MDNA and can provide financing considerations if buyers are looking to finance their machines.
     Having been serving the industry for five decades, Alan concluded, “We welcome the opportunity to meet Fastener World’s readers and encourage you to contact us with new and used machinery needs. While we may not be in a position to buy any and all surplus that you might have, we believe we can guide you to the best possible solutions. Our newly designed website is easy to navigate. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out to us. We look forward to getting to know you and discussing your current surplus or machinery needs.”
Hariton Machinery contact: Alan Hariton (Vice President)   
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