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Industry Activities 

Bestai Enterprise Determines to be a Reliable Partner to Global Customers
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Bestai Enterprise Determines to be a Reliable Partner to Global Customers, Achieving the Desired Quality, Reliability, and Precision with One Try
     Bestai Enterprise Co., Ltd. has dedicated itself to the trade of precision industrial components for over 3 decades and is mainly specialized in the supply of various precision customized screws, bolts, nuts, and rivets. Automated CNC parts, precision machined parts, cold forged parts, stamped parts, and powder metallurgical parts, in particular, are what Bestai has been good at in terms of its service. It can also provide each customer with professional advice and multi-faceted technical suggestions upon receiving their samples. With the fierce competition in the trade of fasteners and industrial components, Bestai has been challenging itself, doing technical upgrade, and deepening & widening its service range since its inception in 1989 to meet the stringent quality requirements of global customers and has also gained a solid presence in the lathes, remote control, medical, automotive and other precision industrial components markets.  
Creating Advantages in Competition for Customers
3 Steps + 1 Procedure for Quality Control to Guarantee No Defective Products
     Be it products made of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, or products made of brass, bronze, or plastics, one can always find the most suitable products and solutions from Bestai. As Bestai offers a countless number of items, which are mostly customized, its team adopts a very strict quality control policy and does whatever they can to ensure that materials required by each customer are durable and reliable, design procedures are on par with standards, and specifications of finished products can help create higher brand value and improve competing advantages of customers on the global stage.  
     In addition to concentricity gages, Rockwell hardness testers, and 2.5D optical measuring projectors, Bestai has also divided the inspection into 3 steps (incl. inspection in material feeding, inspection during manufacturing, and inspection right before shipment) and 1 manual inspection. Although 3 steps and 1 manual procedure take more time for consumption and demand for labor force, compared to other industry counterparts who only have quality inspection done once,  it can ensure that all products shipped to the hands of customers reach the highest quality standards.
Worldwide Sales
Aiming at Becoming Global Customers’ “Bestai”
     Over the past years, Bestai had its exhibiting footprints at major tradeshows, such as Fastener Fair USA and International Fastener Expo. Its excellent products & service via active exposure and word of mouths have won for Bestai a good reputation in the int’l market. Its products have been also successfully sold to China, Japan, Southeast Asia, N. America, S. America, W. Europe, and N. Europe with ever-growing remarkable sales.
     According to Bestai, “All of our technical and service teams have been well-trained and have a wide knowledge of materials, surface treatments/coatings of semi-finished products, structural design of products, and torque/tensile requirements to immediately provide customers with suggestions for further improvements and adjustments. We expect to become the most reliable and best partner to global customers when it comes to quality and service.”
Contact: General Manager, Edward Lin
Bestai Enterprise
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