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Industry Activities 

Zhan Tong Precision, the Rarely Seen Vertically Integrated Manufacturing from Copper Billets to Finished Products
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Cam/CNC Lathed Components by Zhan Tong Precision,
The Rarely Seen Vertically Integrated Manufacturing from Copper Billets to Finished Products
     Zhan Tong Precision Co., Ltd. is specialized in production of environmentally-friendly quick cutting cam/CNC lathed components made of brass, which are mainly applied to the assembly of communication products. Among these products, cable connectors represent the largest share. In N. America, which is its main focused market, the company once achieved the annual sales record of NT$ 0.3-0.4 bn. Within just a decade after the inception of its Taiwan HQ, Zhan Tong has not only received the recognition of one of the best leading companies in the world, but also demonstrated continuous sales growth year after year that forces it to accelerate its investment plans. The plan of electroplating plant, which is about to give its ground-braking ceremony, is the very next step of Zhan Tong to offer customers more complete service.  
One-stop Service from Brass Billets Through Electroplating and Assembly for Cost Reduction
     Zhan Tong offers services from brass billets processing to the final electroplating and assembly. In the past customers could only purchase brass rods with limited specifications from other supply sources, so compositions of raw materials might not be fully compliant with actual customers’ application requirements. However, what makes Zhan Tong special is that it purchases bronze and zinc from master distributors in Taiwan, smelt them and draw them into brass rods, and then make adjustments according to customers’ different demands for tenacity or lathing difficulties, showing its high flexibility in adjusting ingredients of brass rods. Plus, the default monthly capacity of up to 1,000 tons can ensure stable material supply, while the stable control over fluctuating brass rod prices can help customers save their purchasing costs.  
     “Many counterparts of our industry dedicated themselves only to the trade, R&D, or processing of precision components, and only a few of them would expand their service further to the fields of raw materials and electroplating. Our one-stop service from material processing to the final finished products (incl. sorting and customized assembly) allows us to achieve better and more flexible control over costs, quality, and efficiency. Our professional R&D team can also assist customers in doing reverse engineering and this is our strength,“ said Zhang Tong General Manager Sam Liu.
The Monthly Capacity of 40-50 Million Pcs
The Construction of a New Electroplating Plant is About to Begin 
     Zhan Tong has more than 170 sets of auto lathes to quickly meet customers’ high volume demands and provides full customization as per customer’s drawing or sample. Currently it can offer products with the O.D. from 2mm (min.) to 42mm (max.) and the tolerance within ±0.01mm. Traditional lathes would need a lot of people to operate, however, Zhan Tong’s fully automated machines could run for 24 hours, effectively saving at least 70% of labor force and management costs.
     In terms of surface treatments of semi-finished products, Zhan Tong has planned to set up a electroplating plant at Yongkang Technology Park at the investment cost of NT$ 0.3 bn. It expects to set up 10 automated copper/tin/nickel/gold/tin+nickel electroplating lines in the primary stage. General Manager Liu points out, “The current trend in manufacturing is the big ones are always big. Although doing so would require the continuous investment, we are still very willing to do it. With our capacity, quality, and service to satisfy various customers’ demands, we can stand out in the competition.” 
ERP x MES x Product Tracing Systems
     Each product of the ISO 9001:2015 certified Zhan Tong is given a traceable ID. Through the complete reverse tracing system, customers can use every product code to trace every detail in manufacturing and ensure every step is compliant with relevant regulations and quality requirements. In the near future, it’ll also introduce MES to collect manufacturing data to ensure more accurate quality control in manufacturing, which is scheduled to be ready before the end of this year. Despite complicated procedures and costs, it will make customers’ management on quality much easier.  
     Liu added, “Being optimistic to the development potential of EV components, we’re also planning to introduce IATF 16949 in order to develop more customers and orders. With multiple intelligent management systems in place, we hope to offer customers the most complete quality guarantee.”
Zhan Tong contact: General Manager Sam Liu      
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