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Industry Activities 

Linkfast Rolls out Advanced Multi-Purpose Woodscrews
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One-stop Product Supply
     Linkfast uses 10B21 and C1022 materials to manufacture Advanced Multi-Purpose Woodscrews, timber fixing screws, and decking screws, supplying products to global industries from the headquarters in Haiyan, China. Currently it produces 1,200 tons per month which derive from a 23,000 square meters of plant with 100 people. Additionally, it features a professional team making small packages for Do-It-Yourself hardware stores, as well as a well-equipped lab for QC. These strengths create a one-stop service spanning from production to DIY product packaging such as tubs, kits, pouches, carded, box packing and the like. It is highly trusted and recognized by clients for stable supply and high quality.
Advanced Multi-Purpose Woodscrews
Especially Developed for Clients
     Linkfast once stuck it out for 8 months continuing to refine drawings and product samples for a client from UK. Eventually, the company succeeded in developing the one and only product that could replace wood screws, timber fixing screws and decking screws. The product was able to boost the client’s sales by one fold. “This year we developed the multi-purpose woodscrews that successfully passed the salt spray test up to 1,200 hours, which confirmed its higher anti-corrosion performance. A firmer fix with reduced drive torque and improved to pull-out by a serrated cutting thread. Double cutting point reduces splitting and drive time. It can replace timber fixing screws and common square wood screws, thus featuring more advantages in design and performance than ordinary screws do,” said General Manager George Yu.
     Linkfast sets up second workshop in Joystart, mainly produces HEX NUT and HEX FLANGE NUT. Monthly capacity is 400 tons . Our service should get closer and closer to the customer is our idea, which allows us to do the things that our competitor just can’t do. We can keep producing to have stable stock . LINKFAST undertakes inventory pressure to help achieve customers ZERO inventory.
     When customers have demand, we only need to discuss the package and take advantage of DIY department to realize a fastest delivery upon comstomers’ request. We could deliver customers goods in fastest way , or totally as customer’s request with the most efficient way.
    LINKFAST’s main target markets are Europe, N. America, Australia, and Japan. The past record of developing new screws for clients has gained Linkfast a strong foothold in the European and American high requested customers. Therefore, Linkfast is able to supply products to the industrial, construction, home improvement and furniture industries, creating more possibilities for clients to develop their own markets and brands.
Smart Warehouse with Stable Supply
     Over the years Linkfast has invested a lot in lab equipment and introduced cutting machines, bending machines, embedding machines, torsion testers, coating testers, tapping speed tests, salt spray test machines, projectors and other advanced equipment to control good quality for clients. The company also has acquired CE and ISO certificates for its manufacturing process and acquired multiple patents on product applicability and visual appearance. Currently it is applying for ETA which is critical in the construction field.
     Mr. Yu said, “Patents and certificates are the ticket into international market development. They are the proof of our specialty, reputation, quality and service that continue to gain clients’ trust and allow us to sell products all over the world. We expect ourselves not only to be a supplier for purchasing but also a smart warehouse in China for clients.” At a time of surging material prices and freight costs, LINKFAST continues to steadily fulfill every client’s orders. This is the top important point of business to respect the spirit of contract.
     Looking ahead, Linkfast will go deeper in Europe, USA and UK to continue providing one-stop service for clients and make contributions to promoting the growth of the global fasteners industry.
Contact person: George Yu, General Manager
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