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KUO CHEN for Better Drill-Point Screw Quality
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     Close to Taiwan’s fastener manufacturing heartland and based in Luzhu (Kaohsiung, Taiwan), Kuo Chen Mold Co., Ltd. has been a long-term collaborative die supplier of several drill-point screw manufacturers and specializes in production of drill-point dies. As manufacturing drill point screws requires a higher technical level, the use of dies with better technology and stable quality is quite important. Kuo Chen is not only one of the suppliers in Taiwan capable of manufacturing such high-quality drill-point dies, but also is the critical support behind Taiwanese drill-point screw manufacturers for them to quickly tap into the global market.
     Kuo Chen insists on using high-speed steel and high-quality tungsten steel featuring high hardness and wear- and high-temperature resistance to manufacture drill-point dies, which are very suitable to be used to process carbon steel/stainless steel/bimetal screws. Mature technique and years of experience in serving customers allow Kuo Chen to have a better understanding and a wealth of knowledge of possible challenges and difficulties customers may face in processing drill-point screws and enable it to make the most suitable adjustments over the technical parameters of dies based on different product features and customers’ drawings or standard requirements. The excellent product quality and satisfying service life and stability of dies also allowed Kuo Chen in the past years to help many local and overseas customers (such as those from Japan or Turkey) successfully manufacture their own drill-point screws, most of which have been internationally certified and industry-wide recognized by users.     
   “We once collaborated with a Japanese company to develop drill-point dies for them. We sent a few pieces of sample dies for them to do trial production first and received some data and feedback from them. During our collaboration, our technicians spent lots of time discussing with this customer and carried out times of die optimization and modification, and finally developed the dies that best suited their strict demand, making them marvel at our technology and quality. If customers have any questions about the use of our dies, we are very patient and have the ability to help them find the best solutions,” said President Ching-Hsi Ho of Kuo Chen.
     Kuo Chen currently takes a high market share in Taiwan and the mainland China. As there appears growing demand for drill-point screws in construction and roofing applications, the demand for drill-point dies will definitely grow further, too. President Ho added, “Kuo Chen will continue to play our own essential role in the field of drill-point dies in order to help local and overseas customers quickly enhance their product quality. We also expect that in the near future our market share in major application markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia can be significantly increased, making more customers get quick access to and experience the high-quality drill-point dies from Taiwan.”
Kuo Chen contact: President Ching-Hsi Ho
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