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Proud from Japan: Perfect Lock Bolt v2
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ISO16130-certified Top Anti-loosening
Extreme Vibration Only Tightens It More
     “Top-class anti-loosening quality” is what you will get from PLB v2, which is proven by acquiring the ISO16130 certificate. On a bolt-nut structure, loosening usually is caused by the inner nut from vibration, and this is where Nissei comes in. The secret to PLB v2 is that the inner nut has a lead angle larger than the outer nut, so when you tighten the outer nut, the inner nut follows along and tightens as well. “Both nuts in one action”, and it is as simple as that. Notably, the outer nut blocks off the loosening of the inner nut and forms a mechanical lock, a stark feature of PLB v2’s innovative and clever design.
PLB v2 in Action:
Strong, Productive, Less Cost, Secure, Less Maintenance
PLB v2 used on a rotary kiln 
     Users could be struggled with conventional bolts that have a dual-nut design, simply because it requires as many as 3 steps to finish tightening. PLB v2 saves the time and labor, all in a single step.
     A great example of its application is when it is mounted in the preheater section of a rotary kiln owned by a Japanese client. The client used to weld up the section, but this was so time-consuming that they turned to implementing PLB v2. “When loosening occurs and creates gaps, corrosive gas can get in and cause corrosion. We’ve been using our kiln with PLB v2 for a year and have never seen any gaps or signs of loosening,” said the client. Another customer from the dog food industry uses PLB v2 on their vibratory sorting machine. “The vibration loosens the machine parts over time, and the machine could fail or introduce contamination. Not all of our staff can do the maintenance, but PLB v2 saves the trouble and proves to be useful.”
Seeking PLB v2 Users & Licensee Manufacturers Worldwide
     “We don't sell PLB v2 itself but provide its samples to those who would like to try and use them where severe vibration occurs,” said Nissei, “We are also negotiating with potential candidates domestic and abroad who can be our licensed PLB v2 manufacturers, and we are looking to close 5 contracts by March 2023.” With Japan and several other places in the world in progress to open up borders, Nissei has made plans to exhibit in Manufacturing World Japan, International Fastener Expo, and Fastener Fair Italy this year. “We’ve been approached by visitors who said they had never seen a mechanism like dual-thread PLB v2, so visitors will be able to get their hands on PLB v2 at the shows to understand its outstanding performance.”
Contact: Yuki Okimoto, Engineer
Perfect Lock Bolt v2
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