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Industry Activities 

Sheh Fung Releases New Patented Screws for 2022
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     Taiwanese leading construction & engineering screws manufacturer Sheh Fung Screws once again demonstrated its amazing R&D ability and has recently released the “Composite Deck Screw Twin Cut- Patented” and “Cement Board Screws Pineapple Knurl – Patented.” Users having experienced such new products all marveled at their creativity and performance a lot.
Great Dust Removal Performance Without Mushroom Defect
◆ Composite Deck Screw Twin Cut- Patented
     In outdoor balconies or floors around swimming pools, different colors of water-proof, high-temperature & compression resistant composite decks made of recycled wood dust and plastics are oftentimes used. However, the surface of such decks is prone to mushroom defect when they are fastened together with the base layer of ACQ lumbers, which is very likely to get feet of passers-by injured. Sheh Fung’s R&D team noticed such a risk, made deep research on the performance of products, and adopted 6-lobes design to achieve better cam-out avoidance. Special oval threads can cut the composite deck boards during fastening and the twin-cut design can quickly cut off and remove wood dust, similar to pre-drilled hole that can countersink screws into the composite deck boards. On the other hand, in order to maximize the efficacy of products, it can also have products made of different materials based on where they’ll be applied (for example, it’ll use C1022 for basic balcony decks and then have them painted to the same color of the boards or use SS305 in swimming pools, seashores or other highly corrosion-prone environments and get their heads painted to the same color of the boards, making the fastened screws completely invisible.”
     Sheh Fung’s R&D and Manufacturing Assistant Manager Roger Su said, “This Taiwan-patented product is also painted with ACQ-resistant Kaitex® coating and has been ICC certified, which offers customers stability and durability. The current available sizes are mainly #10x2-3/4”. “
◆ Cement Board Screws Pineapple knurl – Patented
     In the application environment of cement boards, using general screws may lead to poor engagement or unpleasing protruded cement boards owing to poor dust removal. Sheh Fung’s patented cement board screws with pineapple knurls made of 1022 carbon steel and coated with highly corrosion-resistant E-coating or Kaitex can assemble cement boards with wood or steel structures vertically and special pineapple knurls can cut cement boards into powder to achieve a complete countersunk fastening result. After cement boards are painted, those fastened screws can be also invisible. Assistant Manager Su added, “This product has been patented in Taiwan and the U.S. and is mainly applied to cement boards. Common sizes #9x1-1/4”, #9x1-5/8”and #9x2-1/4”are now available.” 
     According to Sheh Fung, “Pleasing, durability, and safety have been always the focal points in our product development. We hope that these popular new products can offer users better operating experience and fastening results. In addition, our another high-performance R1 drilling screw for fastening two steel plates also features high-speed and stable drilling design compliant with test standards of various countries. It has been not only patented in Taiwan, but also will apply for more patents in other countries in the near future.”  
Sheh Fung contact: Rita Su (Sales Assistant Manager)        
Composite Deck Screw Twin Cut- Patented
Cement Board Screws Pineapple Knurl – Patented
no mushrooming
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