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China's New Energy Car Export Grows 130% in H1 2022
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      China Association of Automobile Manufactures' statistics reveal an uptrend in China's car export in June 2022. New energy car has been the highlight of China's export in recent years. Some of the Chinese automakers have made it into Europe and other regions. In the first half of 2022, China's new energy car export grew 130%, taking up 16.6% of all China's car export.
     The data released by the Association shows that China manufactured 12.11 million units of vehicles and sold 12.05 million units of vehicles in the first half year of 2022. In terms of export, China set a new record in June in which the Chinese automakers exported 249 thousand units of vehicles, up 57.4%. This includes 198 thousand units of passenger cars that were exported, up 65.6%, and 51 thousand units of commercial cars, up 32.4%. In the first half of 2022, Chinese automakers exported a total of 1.218 million units of cars, up 47.1%. "The Russia-Ukraine war affects part of our export market, but from what we heard from the automakers, they are doing well with oversea orders that don't appear to reduce in number," said the vice secretary of the Association.
     The drastic growth of Chinese new energy car export was also attributed to Tesla. In 2021, Tesla Giga Shanghai delivered a total of 480 thousand units of vehicles, among which one third were exported to Europe and Asia Pacific. It is worth noting that the number of export which was 163 thousand units of vehicles represent half of all new energy cars exported by China in 2021. In the first 5 months of 2022, Tesla Giga Shanghai exported 96,214 new cars as compared to 36,753 cars exported in the same period last year. After Tesla Giga Shanghai resumed production, Tesla has outperformed the record in its monthly sales it reached before the pandemic.
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