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From its beginnings in 1998, ScrewTech Industry Corporation (ScrewTech) has since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision screws and parts for both the domestic and international high tech industry. ScrewTech has prided itself on being able to cultivate dynamic relationships with customers, develop a depth of R&D experience, and meet strict customer demands and deadlines. Its production ranges from the manufacture of simple parts to a wide variety of finished precision screws, screw assemblies, machined parts and springs according to client requirements. To meet the ever-growing demand from domestic and international customers, ScrewTech opened a 12000 m² plant in Wujiang (near Shanghai), China in 2001, later increasing plant size to 15000 m² in 2006. In 2002, ScrewTech moved its Taiwan operations to a 1500 m² facility in Wugu (near Taipei) and has plans to open a new 6000 m² plant in southern Taiwan in 2007. The 2005 monthly total production was 80 million parts at the Taiwan plant and 250 million parts at the China plant. These figures are expected to grow. In its first year, ScrewTech acquired ISO 9001 certification for its Taiwanese operations and later extended this certification to plant operations in China. In 2006 ScrewTech obtained TS 16949 certification for its plant in Wugu, adding greater value to its domestic and international clients.In 2007 the China plant acquired ISO 14000 certification. The combination of efficiency, high quality and precision has differentiated ScrewTech from its competitors and has attracted the attention of many leading hi-tech manufacturers of:  Laptops  Automobiles  PCs  Cell phones  Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)  Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) units  Appliances  Motors  Motorcycles ScrewTech works with its customers to continuously improve efficiency and quality of service. Particular focus is given to the following areas of ongoing development: o Management systems and corporate strategy o Production and delivery processes o Product research and development o Quality control / quality assurance mechanisms o Adherence to RoHS environmental protocols For a more detailed look at the range of ScrewTech products you are invited to examine our latest parts brochure.  

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